Everyone is searching for that perfect lead. I don’t want to bust your bubble but there’s no such animal. A lead is a lead. A piece of paper with a name, address and phone number (if you’re lucky). It’s your job to get to the kitchen table and close the deal. If you do than it was a perfect lead for you. That is if the business issues or if it doesn’t NSF.  You have to love this business. I do. So let’s get on with it. You want to know about the leads?

Senior Family Services Lead Credit Program
5Star Lead Credit Program
Please call me for details.  Tom Coughlin – 561-702-0549


We use www.leads2success.com . If you are appointed with one of our carriers you will be able to take advantage of the discounted rates and great service they provide. You will be able to choose the zip code, ethnicity, age and income when you mail. All of these demographic factors can help in the quantity and quality of the lead pull. I have personally used Leads 2 Success for years and they have been a partner in the success of my business. Please call me with any questions. Tom Coughlin – 561-702-0549


INSERTS $365.00 per thousand
Examples: F02-F02D.pdf | F02-F02E_KW.pdf

TRIFOLD $400.00 per thousand  
Examples: F03-F03D.pdf | SFSWMLC.pdf

If you are appointed with 5Star Life Insurance you can take advantage of the $13.00 Telemarketed Lead.

We pull 55-75 year olds, with an income of $15k - $60k

Please call me for details.  Tom Coughlin – 561-702-0549